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The members of the North American Photography Association's WeChat group come from all over the world and are committed to providing photographers with a technical exchange platform!

Do you want to join our WeChat group? Do you want to communicate and learn photography techniques in the napa WeChat group? Scan the QR code below and join! You will have the opportunity to communicate with us! In order to join the napa WeChat group, you must submit 10 works for verification after scanning the QR code.


North American Photography Association WeChat Number

Please scan the QR code below Follow the official account of the North American Photography Association for more information.


North America Photography Association

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Note: The work specification requires JPG format, the long side is 1024px-3000px, the work file is 2.5MB or more, and the maximum cannot exceed 4MB.

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To be announced, stay tuned! 待公布,敬请关注!