North America Photography Association (napa)

The North America Photography Association is headquartered in New York and is a non-profit organization registered in the U.S. Federal Government. Its members come from all over the world.
The North American Photography Association organizes various art and photography exhibitions, arranges photography competitions, holds technical lectures, and hosts photography activities to create technical exchange opportunities for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. The North American Photography Association also participates in the organization and planning of the cultural and artistic affairs of the United Nations.

Since 2016, the annual “Global Chinese New Year Photo Contest”, organized and planned by the North American Photographic Association, has promoted traditional Chinese culture to the world with the theme of the Spring Festival. It has attracted the participation of the United Nations (and many related organizations) and has also received media from around the world. The contest has become one of the major events of concern to the photography industry.

The North American Photography Association is committed to promoting a wider exchange of photographic art in different regions of the world through photography and providing a technical exchange platform for photographers.

Our goal is to connect photographers from around the world and provide them with space and opportunities to show themselves, have personalized development, encourage each other, make progress together, and create more outstanding photographic works.


Events Organized and Planned by napa

“Beautiful China” 2020 Tourism Scenery Photography Competition
Happy Chinese New Year 2020-Global Chinese New Year Photo Contest
“Beautiful China” 2019 Tourism Scenery Photography Competition
2019 Happy Chinese New Year-Global Chinese New Year Photo Contest
2018 Global Chinese New Year Photography Competition
2017 Astana World Expo Asia-Europe Spiritual Photography Art Exhibition
2017 Italy G7 Summit United Nations Asia-Europe Spirit Photography Exhibition
2017 Global Chinese New Year Photography Competition
2016 China-US Tourism Year Photography Exhibition
2016 United Nations Asia-Europe Summit “Asia-Europe Continental Spirit” Photography Art Exhibition
2016 Global Chinese New Year Photography Competition


napa Participates in Cooperative Video Shoot Activities 

CCTV CCTV 2017 30th Spring Festival Gala Overseas Branch Venue “United Nations Flash Mob-Sing the Heart of China”
Beijing TV Station 2017 Spring Festival Gala “The Rooster Crows-Gong Linna Flash Mob”
Beijing TV Station 2016 Spring Festival Gala “Times Square-One Hundred Years in the New Year”


North America Photography Association (napa)
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